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$330 per person for a 2-day course

Traditional (trad) climbing is the art of using cracks and other natural ‘weaknesses’ in the rock to protect the climbers (as opposed to sport climbing where we clip pre-drilled bolts for protection). Trad climbing can be very rewarding as a leader chooses their own path and the party leaves nothing behind. For many, it is the most intimidating form of climbing to get into. It often takes beginners years to really understand what they are doing. In large part this is because you can do things incorrectly or very inefficiently for years and until something goes wrong or an expert tells you otherwise you would never know.

But this process doesn’t need to take years, in fact the foundation for a lifetime of safe trad climbing can be built rather quickly. We have designed a 2-day intensive course around this idea. We will get hands-on with equipment in a classroom and field setting working on protection, belaying, rappelling, leading, cleaning, and much more. We will leave you with a skill set that will allow you to climb single-pitch trad routes without having to make dangerous mistakes and other pitfalls on the normal learning process.

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