• January 13-15

  • January 27-29

  • February 10-12

  • March 3-5

Learn to Read the Story of the Backcountry


Taught in partnership with Silverton Avalanche School (SAS) and Weston Backcountry, the Recreational Level 1 Course begins the basic foundation for understanding avalanche hazards and developing safe travel practices in and around avalanche terrain. The goal is for students to learn the basics of snow pack science, rescue, terrain analysis, and to give each student a framework with which to make decisions. There are many ways to teach this material and our goal is not to ‘scare you out of the mountains.’ Instead we will learn why some places hold the potential for avalanches, some do not, and how to identify each. A lifetime of great winter adventures can be spent in the mountains outside of avalanche terrain, and if you choose to venture into steeper, snowier terrain this course will help build a process for how to make good decisions.

This course involves instruction, video and discussion, and at least 16 hours of fieldwork. Students will also learn the elements of companion avalanche rescue and practice using realistic scenarios. After years of online zoom talks and automated e-classroom time, we are finally returning to three full days of in-person, classroom and field time with the finest avalanche curriculum in the world. 

Let us know if you would like to set this up as a private course for you and your family or friends.

Note: Kent Mountain Adventure Center is a member of the SAS COURSE PROVIDER Alliance, offering Avalanche Education,  Backcountry Instruction and Rescue Training. 

SAS Course Providers utilize an internationally codified curriculum and adhere to best practices, set forth by the International Commision for Alpine Rescue (ICAR), exceeding the learning outcomes and educational objectives as defined by the American Avalanche Association.