Tuesday, July 2nd 2024

Tuesday, July 9th 2024

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July 2-9

Most female climbers will agree that many of their most meaningful climbing experiences have come from climbing with other women. The energy is more open and supportive, often more positive, and, in the end, more fun. The whole experience is different without the boys around.

The Girls Climbing Camp is run entirely by women for girls. Unlike some of our other camps that focus on certain types of climbing (sport/bouldering/trad) or difficulty (beginner/intermediate/elite), the Girls Camp focuses on the climbing experience. One of the magical parts of Estes Park is the sheer quantity of rock climbing here. It makes it very easy for us to set up easy, challenging, and elite level climbs right next to each other and have everyone encouraging each other regardless of ability and background. We will choose from all the boulders, sport, and trad climbs in the area depending on where the group stoke is.

Like all KMAC climbing camps, we design this to mimic the life changing positive experiences we have had as adult climbers while maintaining an inclusive and safe environment for learning.