Author: Harry Kent

  • Airbnb Adventure! Men’s Journal Goes Cliff Camping

    June 2019 – Check out the Story. Good food, good weather means “good to go”!


    We are up and running with the cables, galvanized steps, ladders, hand rails and all sorts of other materials. Book your outing now.

  • 2018 KMAC Mountaineering Camp Video

    Produced and Directed by Sage Cramer

  • Stanley Hotel Partners with KMAC for Winter & Summer Outings

    Winter Packages 7,500 feet above the ordinary The Stanley Hotel and renowned outfitter Kent Mountain Adventure Center have teamed up to create the ultimate way to play in stay in Rocky Mountain National Park (RMNP) Winter 2019! From snow shoeing, cross county skiing, split boarding, back-country skiing, ice climbing and more through exclusive locations in…

  • There Is More to Being a Guide Than Meets the Mountain

    A CLIENTS PERSPECTIVE 9/20/2017 “I am 61 years old.  My longest “hike” was to Chasm Lake, a relatively easy hike as those who have taken it would attest to.  Even to Chasm Lake, I had never utilized a real backpack, just a waist pack to hold a couple of bottles of water and some snacks.…

  • USA Today Goes Cliff Camping

    Check it out!

  • Denver Fox 31 and Channel 2 Goes Cliff Camping

  • 2017 Cliff Camping season is here!

    Denver Fox 31 and Channel 2 Cliff Camping  

  • KMAC & Rocky Mountain National Park featured in BBC Travel Article

    Journalist Diana Rowe has put together a story about Harry Kent and his experiences as a climber in Rocky Mountain National Park.  You can find it here:  

  • Curbed Ski Magazine covers Cliff Camping at KMAC

    Journalist Michael Shrantz gives his perspective on Cliff Camping.  Read his story below.

  • Men’s Journal Cliff Camping

    Jayme Moye has discovered the KMAC Cliff Camping adventure.  Read her detailed story below published in the Men’s Journal.  

  • KMAC awarded Rocky Mountain National Park Concession for Climbing and Mountaineering

    KMAC is now an authorized Concessionaire in partnership with the National Park Service to provide commercial guiding in RMNP. This is a huge honor that required a rigorous and exhaustive review of KMAC’s guide service by the National Park Department of the Interior. Stay tuned for expanded program offerings that will include alpine rock and…

  • Paige Classen’s Jurassic Park Video

    Check out Paige Claasen’s climbing video at Jurassic Park.  One of our favorite places to take our students!  Also on the KMAC Facebook page.    

  • KMAC Cliff Camping named 1 of 2 Best and most Extreme Campsites in Colorado

    See the article describing the Cliff Camp experience!  Reserve your site for next season!  

  • KMAC Cliff Camping makes Front Page of Denver Post

    Read the full article here:

  • Professional Development Program for KMAC Guides

    KMAC demonstrates its support for  full time KMAC guides who have  a  commitment and passion  in their pursuit of  mountain guiding in all its disciplines, and to  help them pursue a professional guiding career.  Scholarships are awarded on a need and merit based scale.    

  • A Word From the Director

    Over the years I have seen the sport of climbing undergo many changes. Advances in equipment continue to keep our sport moving forward allowing climbers to test their limits ever so much further. This is vital and necessary as our sport evolves. With changes in the sport we must never lose touch with why we…

  • Welcome

    Welcome to KMAC!  You’ve just found one of the best places to learn how to rock climb in the country. Whether you are seeking to hire a guide or looking for a group rock climbing experience, or interested in our Youth Rock Climbing Camps, we’ll work closely with you to design and outing that is…