There Is More to Being a Guide Than Meets the Mountain



“I am 61 years old.  My longest “hike” was to Chasm Lake, a relatively easy hike as those who have taken it would attest to.  Even to Chasm Lake, I had never utilized a real backpack, just a waist pack to hold a couple of bottles of water and some snacks.

On Monday, September 18, 2017, I climbed to the summit of Long’s Peak.

I can state with total certainty that this journey and accomplishment would have NEVER been successful without the experience, support and encouragement that my KMAC guide, Ms. Amanda Harper, constantly and so thoughtfully provided during our 15 hour adventure.  It was not only her professionalism, but her caring and thoughtful attitude that instilled the confidence that was needed for me to reach the summit.

It is truly hard for me to put into words how this experience has affected my life.  I will FOREVER be in her debt, as she ensured my safety and allowed me to experience what so few people will ever experience…reaching the summit of a 14ner.

Thank you KMAC.  And, thank you Amanda, my friend and mountain guide.  You will be in my prayers and thoughts for the rest of my life.”