KMAC’s Splitboard School is proud to be the premier split school in the Front Range. Our core guides are all lifelong snowboarders with a passion for surfing the mountains of the world Between us, we have well over a thousand missions into Rocky Mountain National Park under our belts. In that time we have learned a lot about splitboarding–how, where, and when to do it. Similar to much of Colorado, RMNP is a very micro climate specific area. It isn’t uncommon to see 96% of the Park stripped of snow in hurricane winds while the remaining 4% (where that snow lands) grants epic riding even weeks after the last storm.

Many of us grew up at the ski resorts and slowly developed an addiction to powder riding. The search for it took us farther and farther from home on ever longer road trips and plane rides. Eventually, we discovered that much of what we were searching for has actually been right out our back door all along. Right here in Colorado, and anywhere with snowy mountains, is a lifetime of powder turns and adventure.

We have a full range of guided splitboard adventures available from hour long Split 101’s, to open enrollment intro classes, to fully custom single and multi-day adventures. We have a fleet of Weston Snowboards splits with brand new Spark R&D hardware available for rent. Our goal is not just to take you on a cool tour, but to give you all the tools to do it yourself! All of our courses approach splitboarding in a purposeful way that attempts to teach each skill consciously with plenty of room for practice and feedback from guides. Our goal is to have each student come out with more skills than most get from seasons in the backcountry on their own.