Give experiences this year!

How many people remember what they got for Christmas when they were 15? As we get older gifts tend to become even less memorable. This year instead of buying an object, get your loved ones an experience. A summer backpacking trip, rock climbing in Rocky Mountain National Park, snowshoe adventures through the snowy woods, all things you and your family will remember for decades to come. Let your friends at Kent Mountain Adventure Center know how we can craft a vacation trip for you.

All that being said, we are having a great (busy!) winter so far, and winter hasn’t even officially started! Lots of early season snow is accumulating in the mountains just outside our door in Rocky Mountain National Park. We’ve had lots of snowshoe adventures already, been out on the Cross Country Skis a few times, and have definitely been spending time in Hidden Valley on the Weston Splitboard fleet. All your adventures with us include access to the Spa at the Aspire Building of the Stanley Hotel. The hot tub and sauna sure feel great after a day in the mountains! Snow is deep up here in the mountains already, come on up and share an experience with us!