Fall, stay tuned…

Summer is wrapping up, or already has.  If you’re back in school, summer is definitely over and I apologize for bringing it up. Temps up in Estes Park are dipping down into the 40’s and our days here in the office are becoming noticeably less hectic. The guides are smiling more because they’re spending more time in the mountains on their own, doing crazy amazing stuff.

                We’re starting to make plans for our 2020 calendar, we’ll be releasing that with an updated website this fall. Keep an eye on our Social Media, we’ll probably leak some dates there first.  The youth climbing camps will look about the same.  We’re going to be adding some new stuff though, some traveling camps, some multi-sport camps, fun stuff that we’re excited to get out there and see how people react to it.

                All that being said, September is a gorgeous month up here, and October can be pretty beautiful as well.  Let us know if you’d like to schedule something now that we’re approaching the off-season. Don’t forget, we’re here all winter too.  Dustin’s going to be taking as many people as he can up into the mountains teaching them how to Split Board, I’ll be taking folks on snow shoeing tours of the park. In addition, if you’ve got an idea for an adventure, let us know and we can make it a reality.