Jim Milavec

My school, Colorado Academy, has been working with KMAC for over fifteen years. Colorado Academy has a long history of mountaineering activities including the initiation of the Colorado Outward Bound programs. KMAC has fit in nicely with our outdoor education program. They have done rock climbing, ice climbing, backpacking, canyoneering, map and compass work, and ropes courses with us. Every teacher from our school who has every worked with KMAC has marveled at the highly talented guides and the knowledge that they brought to our students. Besides showing complete knowledge of the skills, all guides handled themselves in a very ethical and professional way. Safety was always a main concern. Well over 500 of our students in grades 6 through 12 have come into contact with KMAC. The experience for the students was always a very personal and rewarding one. I highly recommend KMAC to anyone who wants to enjoy the outdoors in a very adventurous, yet safe way.