Book for 2022

KMAC has worked with schools, camps, churches, clubs, teams, and pretty much every kind of youth group imaginable to bring young adults into the mountains for over 30 years. Now, more than any time in that 35 year history, we believe youth (and all of us) need the wilderness. We are working with groups to set up courses for the 2021 year now in order the get all of these kids who have been locked down for months into the mountains. We have outdoor venues all over the Western US available and can offer all sorts of education and adventure. Reach out today to begin designing a course for your group!

  • Rock climbing
  • Backpacking
  • Canyoneering
  • Outdoor Education
  • Adventure Education
  • Orienteering (map & compass skills)
  • Avalanche Education
  • & Many More…